a space of our own

This is the floor plan for our apartment.

It is small! I know. BUT…it will be our own space.

I’ve been watching a lot of The Nate Berkus Show in the mornings because I don’t usually have to be at work before noon. I believe I’ve learned a few tricks for making this small space work for us for as long as we need to until we move into our next temporary living arrangement – a trailer in my parents yard. Ha!

Once the apartment is finished, my parents want to subdivide their land, install a septic tank and well, and create a road leading out to the yard where we will hook up our mobile home, and have a larger space to live in until we can in fact save the money we need to buy our own piece of land outright.

Joe is already planning this year’s garden on my parents’ property with the intention of restoring their land to health. We are looking forward to growing our own food and being close to our goats and rabbits once again, being able to take care of them ourselves, and breeding them for milk and food.

I’m getting excited to move and finally begin our lives on our own.

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