finishing what I started

Sewing has taken a back seat to knitting the past couple of years and there have been a few unfinished projects waiting to be completed. I tend to work in phases, a trait I’ve inherited from my mother, and I believe I’ve finally cycled out of knitting for now and am back to having the itch to sew.

I believe I mentioned that we are currently living with my grandfather, and he has graciously allowed me to use his dining room for sewing. What a blessing! Thanks to which, this week I have been able to finish a few things. Hurray!

This is my new spool rack which I received from my brother as a Christmas gift! I LOVE it!

I finally got around to finishing the wallet I promised my sister for her birthday – July ’10 – oops!

These napkins originally were going to be used at my wedding back in September. Since they never got done in time, I am now going to give them to my best friend. She is currently trying to adopt a little boy from Haiti which will turn her family of 5 into a family of 6. Perfect.

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