starting out

I guess this year is a year of a lot of new things!

– New Husband (married 9/18/10)
– New Baby (currently 15 weeks pregnant)
– New Apartment
– New Life

So why not start a new blog? OK!

I wanted to have a place to log the progress of my (now) new beginning. Joe and I have a lot of plans, and those plans are not at all in our hands. We are trusting God to lead us as He wills according to what He sees fit to do.

We believe that God has put a call on our lives to be homesteaders. We have no idea how we are going to do that at the moment.

We live with my grandfather, and my parents are building an apartment above their garage for us to live in.

We are saving to buy property outright rather than taking out a bank loan and going into debt.

Time will either show God’s blessings on our endeavours, God’s changing of our plans, and/or our foolishness actions in all of this. No matter what this will be the adventure of our lives – sometimes boring, sometimes exciting!

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