baby update

I had my second appointment with my midwife yesterday. She is so sweet and wonderful in putting all my fears to rest.

I have had a completely irrational fear that the child within me is dead. There is no reason I should be thinking that, as everything my body is doing is completely normal with a healthy pregnancy. It’s just been that I haven’t actually felt the baby move, and so though my belly growing, I just feel like a fatty.

That all changed yesterday. In the evening after my appointment, I started to feel the baby moving around inside me. I even woke up this morning with my hand on my belly, and it kicked me (quite forcefully) twice! I told Joe, and he put his hand on me to feel for himself and it kicked him as well.

It’s such a wondrous thing to think that a human being currently resides in my body. And happily, I am now assured by little kicks and movements that it is indeed alive.

potholders for Bee

Another previously unfinished project that I’ve managed to finish! Yay!

I had wanted to make these for my darling mother-in-law in time for Christmas, but sadly this son and daughter-in-law are not very good at being on time. On the bright side everyone will be getting their gifts at once and they can look at it as an extended Christmas?? Maybe this year we’ll be a bit better and getting everything out on time.

This is my very first quilting project. I don’t know if I am yet a fan. Putting on the binding was pretty fun though.

completed dimensions for the potholders are 7″x7″
lined with a double layer of insul-bright.

my ‘everything bag’!

For my birthday, my very talented mother made me the Everything Bag by Amy Butler out of her book Little Stitches for Little Ones.

I plan on using it as a diaper bag for my baby once he/she arrives, but I just couldn’t wait another 5 months in order to use it! So I’ve started using it as a day bag for when I go to my parents or a friends house. Perfect for holding slippers, prenatal vitamins, books, a sweater, etc. I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks mom 🙂

finishing what I started

Sewing has taken a back seat to knitting the past couple of years and there have been a few unfinished projects waiting to be completed. I tend to work in phases, a trait I’ve inherited from my mother, and I believe I’ve finally cycled out of knitting for now and am back to having the itch to sew.

I believe I mentioned that we are currently living with my grandfather, and he has graciously allowed me to use his dining room for sewing. What a blessing! Thanks to which, this week I have been able to finish a few things. Hurray!

This is my new spool rack which I received from my brother as a Christmas gift! I LOVE it!

I finally got around to finishing the wallet I promised my sister for her birthday – July ’10 – oops!

These napkins originally were going to be used at my wedding back in September. Since they never got done in time, I am now going to give them to my best friend. She is currently trying to adopt a little boy from Haiti which will turn her family of 5 into a family of 6. Perfect.

starting out

I guess this year is a year of a lot of new things!

– New Husband (married 9/18/10)
– New Baby (currently 15 weeks pregnant)
– New Apartment
– New Life

So why not start a new blog? OK!

I wanted to have a place to log the progress of my (now) new beginning. Joe and I have a lot of plans, and those plans are not at all in our hands. We are trusting God to lead us as He wills according to what He sees fit to do.

We believe that God has put a call on our lives to be homesteaders. We have no idea how we are going to do that at the moment.

We live with my grandfather, and my parents are building an apartment above their garage for us to live in.

We are saving to buy property outright rather than taking out a bank loan and going into debt.

Time will either show God’s blessings on our endeavours, God’s changing of our plans, and/or our foolishness actions in all of this. No matter what this will be the adventure of our lives – sometimes boring, sometimes exciting!